Destruction Rooms – It’s All The Rage

Consider the traditional meeting space. A program is typically designed with a sense of corporate sterility – clean lines, fresh décor, and a sense of purpose. This is the familiar corporate event that we all know and love.

Recently though, the term “disruptor” has been a corporate buzzword for breaking the status quo to create something new and exciting. Has the disruption trend finally hit the events industry? We think so.

Enter destruction rooms. Yes, you read that right and it’s exactly what you think. Plan a team building event whose whole purpose hinges on the act of making a mess. Encouraging teams to let off some steam by sledgehammering old computers or throwing plates at a wall may sound a little unconventional, we know. But, we invite you to consider adding a little demolition to your next event.

How Do Destruction Rooms Relieve Stress?

The act of breaking is known to have therapeutic qualities. By focusing your anger onto an inanimate object instead of life stressors, one is in control and can release tension. By dedicating a space to the release of tension, you’re allowing for its release, and in its place, a bit of calm afterwards. This may sound like a little bit of caveman psychology – but we like the sound of it.

Many rage room companies, as they are also called, do the work for you. As Smash Events in the UK notes on their website, the process is easy – “we set up, you break stuff, we clean up”. Working with PRA, we will use our veteran experience to incorporate this team building event seamlessly into your otherwise conventional meeting.

Pick up a hammer, let go of some stress, and have a good time with PRA. Contact us today to learn more.

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