Cybersecurity at Events – Are You Protected?

It may surprise some to think of their cell phones are a security risk.  But when considered globally, most threats to attendee safety happens within the digital world, more than climate disasters or terrorist threats.

Over the last four decades in business events operations, PRA has seen the world evolve around us. We have adapted, enhanced our protocols, and kept our attendees’ safety a priority. Here are a few tips we’ve collected to keep cybersecurity top of mind – and your attendees safe!

Before You Go

Before your meeting, work with your IT department to ensure all active devices are up to date with the latest anti-malware software and security features. Remind attendees to update their phones and laptops as well. This will minimize risk for large-scale meetings where information is easily spread and malware can be contagious.

Airport Security

We’re always on the go, so we know how hard this one might be. But, be mindful of connecting to public Wi-Fi via airports or airlines. These connections are notoriously insecure and leave your data – and credit card info – vulnerable.

Secure Networks

We know that every dollar counts when planning your meeting. In fact, a hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi can really be a positive from a cost perspective. But, consider the danger of an open network. We suggest setting up a hidden Wi-Fi that is password protected just for your attendees. This will mitigate the risk that can occur when attendees join an unprotected network – leaving your valuable internal data at risk of a malevolent actor.

Meeting Planners –  Stay Mindful

Do you have a war-room when planning a meeting, where all planners keep their laptops, bags, and printers? We take it for granted that this space will be secure, but with so many people running in and out, it’s hard to keep track of what’s left in the room and who has a key. Be mindful of the security happening (or not happening) during the meeting.

Chargers, USB drives, Card Readers – Oh My!

It’s often the devices that are so ubiquitous that are the most dangerous. We take the risk for granted, or don’t think about it at all. But chargers, USB drives, and card readers all pose a risk during a meeting. Ensure that you know where all devices have come from and that someone is always responsible for the devices in use. All of these devices are vulnerable to hacking and are often overlooked as risks.

With each new technological advancement, there is a new risk that comes with it. Working with PRA means years of experience and expertise on handling the cybersecurity risks that come with every meeting. Contact us today to learn more.

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