Introducing PRA’s Equity, Diversity + Inclusion Council

Partners + Colleagues,

In June, I sent you a note about social inequalities and systemic racism, topics that weighed heavily on my mind after being brought to the forefront of our national dialogue due to a barrage of tragic events.

At that time, I stated that PRA does, and has always, condemned all forms of racism, discrimination, and social injustice. I also stated that condemnation was no longer enough, and as an organization, we would be committed to understanding, recognizing, and supporting the actions we can take to combat racial injustice and deliver positive change. We have taken that statement seriously and since then, have formalized PRA’s Equity, Diversity + Inclusion (ED+I) Council.

The ED+I Council is led by our Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Courtney Lohmann, and currently includes eight team members from across PRA who feel passionately about making the world a more equal, diverse, and inclusive place. The Council’s mission is to look both inward at PRA as an organization and across our industry as a whole to identify ongoing opportunities for education and awareness that inspire impact and change, so we can celebrate the differences that define us all. I am so proud of our PRA team and the way they have collectively responded to this call to action by delivering this employee-developed and employee-led initiative with all the passion and intensity these issues deserve and require.

We are also announcing today our Your Voice, Your VOTE! campaign led by our PRA ED+I Council. One of the most impactful ways we as Americans can drive change is by exercising our right to vote, and the campaign’s aim is to increase voter registration and participation across all elections and all levels of government; local, state, and national. Look for more information and educational resources as part of this campaign coming soon.

We also want to inspire and encourage our PRA team to be active participants and leaders within their own communities. On Election Day, November 3rd, PRA teams will be given time off as a Day of Social Responsibility so they have the opportunity to cast their votes and to volunteer in their communities either at a polling location or with an organization that has personal meaning to them.

It is my sincere hope that the ongoing and collective actions we can all take will soon drive change and deliver a more equitable world that is accepting of all individuals and the things that make us unique. We are truly lucky to be part of an industry that brings people together, all people, and we celebrate each of them. We hope you’ll join us.

Stay Healthy and Be Well,

Mike Fiber


  1. Yolanda Hatzopoulos September 25, 2020 at 11:28 am - Reply

    Thank you for your positive letter. As a immigrant and US citizen I know the importance to vote snd appreciate any company which supports voting and assisting with the voting process.

    • Michelle Kennedy October 9, 2020 at 6:04 pm - Reply

      Thank you Yolanda! We definitely agree that every voice must be heard.

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