Self Sustainability During Business Travel

One of the ways we can inspire change and drive transformative action is by exchanging ideas and learning from others. PRA is dedicated to sharing ways we help guide our clients and their attendees to protect our planet by conducting sustainable business travel practices during events. When it comes to being a good steward of our environment, it’s up to us – conscientious businesses – to defend the destination we care about. It is also up to each individual to ensure we are being conscientious participants at events and practicing self sustainability as much as we can.

At our recent annual meeting PRA provided our staff members with travel tips to deploy before and during the meeting to be more green and sustainable. We hope these tips inspire you to take similar action.

As You Pack, Remember To:

  • Bring your own BPA-free reusable beverage bottle and coffee or tea mug.
  • Consider what you pack & travel light! The weight of your suitcase can affect airplane fuel consumption. Due your best to bring only one carry on. Less weight equals less jet fuel.

For Travel Days, Try To:

  • Fly non-stop to avoid layovers, which results in at least one extra takeoff and landing – adding unnecessary carbon emissions. Better yet, use alternate transportation, like the train or subway, if possible.
  • Use public or shared transportation to get to the airport for your flight. Double self sustainability points if you carpool to the hotel once you arrive.
  • Use a paperless boarding pass for your flight.
  • After going through security, use your reusable beverage bottle to fill up on your favorite in-flight drink so you can avoid using the plastic cups provided on the plane.
  • Bring your favorite snack from home for the flight! Put the item in a reusable container that will return home with you.
  • Bring your own reusable serving wear (i.e. fork, spork, spoon, knife made of bamboo or similar)
  • Keep your airplane trash and find a place to stash your recyclables temporarily until you get into the terminal.
  • Choose hotel properties with a confirmed commitment to sustainability.

While Onsite, Participate In:

  • Does the hotel you are staying in have a reuse program? Reducing the number of times linens are washed saves on water consumption, energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Consider what food you put on your plate. Only take what you are going to eat to help reduce food waste.
  • Close blinds, turn off lights and adjust AC/heat before leaving your hotel room to help conserve on energy consumption.
  • Take shorter showers. Pro tip – open Spotify or put on your favorite Apple Music lists and challenge yourself to finish up prior to the end of one song!

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Now, you’re well on your way to practicing self sustainability! We encourage you to incorporate these tips in your business travel and event practices. It’s one more way you can take important steps to make more sustainable travel decisions. Be a proud environmental travel ambassador. The planet thanks you for your efforts!

What do you do when traveling to protect the environment? How do you reduce your carbon footprint when you travel? Share your thoughts with others and help us in our efforts for sustainability. Contact PRA today to learn how we can help you plan a sustainable event.

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