Top Trends to Improve Event Technology

Planners are no strangers to technology. Almost daily we are exposed to a new app, new platform and better ways to reach an audience.

Studies show that using event technology can improve overall attendance, increase engagement, decrease costs and draw attention to your program or convention. Still, planners struggle to determine what event technology is most important to invest in and what will still be around tomorrow. With so many options it is hard to stay on top of the latest trends and determine what will come next.

Want to stay ahead of the constantly evolving technology world? Follow these tech trends to improve your event technology and get that competitive edge. Disclaimer: read quick – technology evolves rapidly!

Attendee Tracking – Facial Recognition

A growing number of face compilation databases are being driven by the race to create leading-edge facial recognition systems. Hotels and airlines have jumped on the bandwagon and some companies have adopted the technology for efficient event check-in and registration. However, as the platform evolves, we will see software that will predict the mood of attendees by reading facial expressions and body language. This will lead to more efficient attendee feedback and improved on-site security.

Mixed Reality – Live Streaming and Projection Mapping

Often referred to as hybrid reality, mixed reality combines real world experiences with people in non-real or virtual situations. In the event industry, there are some interesting ways it is being incorporated. Examples include a live-streamable blend of the participant in a VR world or AR technology to help attendees navigate and interact with indoor spaces, however, most popular is the dome experiences that use 360-degree projection mapping. PRA along with our in-house creative agency One Smooth Stone, has utilized the technology often for various events to transform a meeting space and bring the outside in.

Smart Solutions – AI, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Who doesn’t have an Alexa in their home? AI is here and its not leaving anytime soon. The event technology can delivery highly personalized event experiences. Move to the concierge level and you’ll find chatbots with automated customer service to assist attendees with getting answers to questions at the speed of light and help event planners work more efficiently.  In a world full of instant gratification, these virtual assistants are key.

Looking for Technology Partners? Below are companies to keep your eyes on. – A meeting booking platform used by global clients to integrate the management of vendor and services.

Ivy by Go Moment –We live in an era where texting is second nature. But, to add intelligence to these interactions is a game changer. Through this AI-powered text concierge, guests can ask questions and get immediately responses in various languages. The service also analyzes guest satisfaction through messages.

Delegia – An alternative to a mobile app, Delegia creates microsites that can be used on attendee’s devices and allows for invitations, registration and interaction at the event, including voting and live questions for participants.

Datakalab – Want to keep your attendees engaged or know how they really feel about your meeting content? Through Datakalab you gather feedback without needing to send out a post event questionnaire. This technology measures facial expression of your audience and assess their emotion, allowing event planners to gauge how each speaker and session is being received. Cameras capture various elements of the human face and the algorithm detects changes in micro expressions. Welcome to the future of delivering results.

To engage meeting attendees, event planners need to stay current on the latest technology and trends that get people talking. Are there other innovative technology tools that planners should consider? What do you think will be the next best thing to energize participants at events?

Share your thoughts below.

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