Project Description

Activities, tours and excursions that the locals would envy

A private tour of Ellis Island. Your own personal Sundance Film Festival screening. A helicopter and horseback trip to a small batch winery. Let’s give the gifts of local wonder, authenticity and uniqueness to your participants.

Through singular insight and connections, we can offer your group special access to exclusive openings and previews, limited run events, and unexpected or hyperlocal pursuits. At PRA, we’re eager to show off the destinations we know and love—and maybe even call home—by securing the very best activities for your program including:

  • authentic local activities: favorites and hidden gems
  • behind the scenes tours
  • on and off-the-beaten-path excursions
  • sightseeing adventures
  • unique journeys by bike, boat, horseback, helicopter, all-terrain vehicle, Segway and even
  • private museum and art gallery exhibit tours
  • theater packages, including the hottest tickets in town
  • relaxation experiences
  • guest and spouse programs

Take a tour of the adventures of some PRA partners below.

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