Project Description

Offsite events and dining that are twice as nice for your guests

Imagine enhancing an activity or a gourmet meal with a completely unexpected setting. If you’d like your next program to include a five-course dinner on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches, or the closing ceremony on a movie studio backlot, partner with us.

With PRA, the world is your venue. We help take your events and private dining experiences to new heights, delighting all five senses of your participants through inspired, customized creations such as:

  • moonlit dinner in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert
  • cocktail party at a pineapple plantation in Hawaii
  • historic lunch on an Ellis Island balcony
  • celebratory gala at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami
  • awards ceremony at Las Vegas’s Neon Museum
  • private concert on an aircraft carrier in San Diego

See some of the offsite experiences below that successful event planners have created with PRA.

Our work