Meet PRA

PRA is a business event management firm that delivers unique experiences that move hearts, minds and businesses forward.

The market is looking for a change in the way our sector delivers. We are systematically expanding our reach to deliver compelling experiences with you.

We’ve been busy in our transformation of PRA. With the momentum of a 40-year running start in driving positive industry change, we’re evolving, elevating and scaling our business to serve you. Enabled by a comprehensive technology platform and standards, PRA delivers consistency and ease of your experience with us.

PRA delivers experiences anywhere – throughout the world, in destinations, on stage and on screen. Through our Destination Services, Creative Services, Production Services and Digital Services, PRA event architects guide organizations in bringing people together with highly produced, strategic program design, brand engagement and authentic destination experiences.

Combining the production management expertise and creativity of our PRA team, PRA Digital now serves as a trusted partner for clients who are meeting in a digital or hybrid setting. Through our consultative and strategic approach, we provide Digital Engagements and Digital Experiences that excite attendees and provide valuable ROI to your business and sponsors.

With the broadest owned office network in the Americas, we’re growing our capabilities, and acquiring leading teams who share our client focus, values, culture and thirst for transformative business experiences.

Together we support you as a brand built on: Passion. Reach. Authenticity.

Our passion resides in our creative ideas and attention to every program detail—and in the joy we feel in working with you in places we love. We do whatever it takes as we support many of the world’s most respected brands.

Our reach comes through the deepest and most experienced team in our industry. We deliver differentiating expertise in every destination we serve, broadly across North America and the rest of the world.

Our authenticity lives in open communication, loyal partnerships and our promise to harness the power of a unique and local experience to make your business events—and you—wildly successful, again and again.

Experience the newly expanded, market-leading PRA. We deliver transformative business events Anywhere.

"As a two-person planning team, it is a huge help to us to have partners like PRA who can take some of the planning burden off our shoulders. We know we can count on PRA to provide quality, timely and cost-efficient services to help us create the best experience for our attendees."

-Christy, Fitness Center Company

Corporate Social Responsibility

PRA is introducing the first part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan with our commitment to ending human trafficking. As we looked at some of the issues that directly relate to our industry, we felt that it was a natural step to support ECPAT-USA and this initiative.  Read more here.


PRA was founded in Southern California in 1981, when destination management was a relatively new sector within the business events industry. Patti Roscoe, an industry pioneer, created Patti Roscoe & Associates (PRA) to lead this emerging area of in-person professional experiences.

By delivering exceptionally successful events facilitated by industry-leading service, PRA grew rapidly over the years. PRA opened new offices across the United States to meet the demand of its fiercely loyal clients while cultivating a dedicated team of regional event experts driven by the shared values of humility, intensity and ownership, all of which are alive and well at PRA today.

In 2007, PRA became AlliedPRA after joining with Allied Europe, a leading global destination management firm. After several years of in-market European event experience, AlliedPRA returned its core business focus to North America.

In 2016, AlliedPRA acquired DSC, a leading event management firm in the Rockies. In 2017, CI Capital, AlliedPRA management and an exclusive Board member group acquired AlliedPRA. Additional acquisitions quickly followed in New York (Briggs) and Nashville (Destination Nashville).

In mid 2018, with a headquarters move to Chicago, AlliedPRA became centrally located, and closer to clients and team members throughout North America. In October 2018, AlliedPRA updated its brand identity to again reflect an innovative heritage of excellence, industry-leading transformation and strategic growth – the new PRA, now denoting Passion. Reach. Authenticity.

In November 2018, PRA acquired events and communication agency One Smooth Stone, a PRA event and communication agency, broadening PRA’s capabilities to now offer integrated solutions for strategic business experiences.

This year, PRA formed a strategic partnership with Tour East, and now Kuoni Destination Management, to expand its global footprint in the highly sought-after Asia Pacific and European regions to serve your international program needs.

Today, PRA continues to expand capabilities and join forces with other like-minded firms—through acquisition and strategic partnerships around the globe—to deliver exceptional experiences anywhere its clients want to go, all powered by robust financial resources, best in class technology, and the most passionate and experienced business event management team in the industry.

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