PRA joins ECPAT-USA in the fight against human trafficking

PRA Events, Inc. (PRA) believes everyone has the right to grow up and live without fear of exploitation or harm and condemns all forms of slavery, servitude, forced labor, child labor and human trafficking.  In order to contribute to this cause, PRA has joined ECPAT-USA and is committed to The ECPAT Code.  Using the guidelines and principles laid out from these two internationally recognized organizations, PRA is developing standards for operating our client events as well as an internal training policy. PRA plans to continue to train employees across the US on the key markers to look for while onsite at client programs and events that take place in airports, hotels, venues and restaurants.

Our Commitment

PRA will continue to strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of all forms of human trafficking, including the commercial exploitation of children and modern slavery.  Furthermore, PRA will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any instances of exploitation which PRA or its employees have become aware.

PRA will continue to follow the ECPAT guidelines  for  employees to detect and prevent violations of applicable human trafficking and slavery laws or conditions that may give rise to a violation:

  • PRA facilities, resources or equipment (including PRA’s computers and networks) may not be used for the viewing, storage, distribution, promotion or other use of materials in which children are made an object for prurient interests.
  • Employees may not enter into, on behalf of PRA, or otherwise, any business relationship or any other arrangement with any organization which the employee has reason to believe participates in any way in human trafficking.
  • Employees may not use or allow the use of images or concepts that exploit children. All employees must be vigilant and immediately report all situations that come to their attention where exploitation of children and/or modern slavery is suspected or appears to be intended.
  • PRA funds, property (including electronic devices and PRA supported technology) or personnel may not be used to further or support activities related to human trafficking.

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