10 Steps to the Perfect Site Inspection

There is no better way to ensure a program’s success than a boots-on-the-ground, face-to-face site inspection. Stepping away from the desk to visit a destination with trusted partners is critically helpful when making important decisions.

1. Submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to your Resort and DMC

Don’t just request rates, dates, and service traits! Share objectives and experiences. This is your time to set the stage for future discussions.

2. Talk the Talk

Once you arrive, establish time frames, review the agenda and join minds. Don’t hold back. If something doesn’t seem like a good fit, nix it and find something that does.

3. Walk the Walk

Put everyone on your planning team in your attendees’ shoes to ensure they are experiencing the destination from the attendee’s perspective.

4. There’s An App for That

Soaking up the views while on a tour of Lake Tahoe venues

Download apps in advance to capture and label photos and videos of the places and spaces (Evernote). Measure a meeting room or other space (MagicPlan). Streamline communications with your team with siting numerous locations (Slack). Move your “to-do’s” to the “done” list (Trello).

5. Take Five

Ask your supplier partners for a few moments to collect your thoughts after each location. Write down five key take-away items/feelings to refer back to later.

6. Ask, Don’t Assume

Discuss budget, inclusions, attrition, fees. Assumption is the refuge of all misunderstandings and this is the one time we don’t want anything assumed.

7. Make Your List and Check It Twice

Create a checklist for each category of service…sleeping rooms, venues, activities, meeting rooms, transportation, etc. You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

8. Post It Notes

Review all your notes, concerns, dreams, visions and next steps with your partners.

9. If You Like It, Put a Ring On It

We’re not suggesting impulse moves – work with your Hotel and DMC partners to secure the best solutions while mitigating risks with a thorough review of confirmation and cancellation policies.

10. Celebrate Your Success

Continue planning your best gathering yet!

Our team of business event professionals who handle site inspections guarantee your attendees will experience the best the destination has to offer. Following these simple steps ensures a successful program and makes you the hero of your next meeting or event. Any other site inspection tips you would recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Dr. Barbara Strand, President, Psych/Consult Systems February 15, 2019 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    As an experienced pro, you had me at “Share objectives and experiences”. a crucial and oft-neglected step. Because we are meeting facilitators dealing with human factors like communications, problem-solving, cultural diversity, and strategic planning rather than solely planners, and because we deal with mostly high-level execs with high expectations, generic fams don’t always cut it for us, and individual or small-group site inspections can be more targeted and therefore likely to succeed. I want to do everything possible to educate a potential venue about our unique needs and wishes (going beyond facts and figures to capture the “feel” of our meetings) and avoid cookie-cutter site visits; with the right advance input, even group fams have ended up being useful and profitable for us and the venues.

  2. Angela Hofford February 25, 2019 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    Thank you, Barbara, we couldn’t agree more. A collaborative approach and deeper understanding is vital to successful business event development!

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