FICP: Trends for 2020

With 2020 a little over a month away, we gathered some of our favorite trends in the meetings and events world. Specifically tailored to professionals in the financial and insurance industry, we think your attendees will love these enhancements to your programs next year!

Silent Conferences

In 2016, there was an influx of silent discos across the country. Now, let’s bring this idea into the events industry! Instead of one general speaker talking at an audience, allow the agenda to be in the attendees’ hands. Plan a conference with multiple speakers scheduled at the same time. Guests wear specialized headphones (or an app on their phones) which allow for them to toggle between speakers as they walk around the open-plan meeting space. Not only does this allow for a more personalized approach to agenda planning, but guests can absorb various takeaways among a wider breadth of topics this way!

Global Cuisine

With the advent of Instagram, it’s not a meal unless someone is taking a photo of their plate. With this added attention on new dishes, coupled with the booming travel industry, people are being exposed to a wide variety of new and interesting cuisines that taste as amazing as they look. Surprise your attendees with a few new dishes along with the more familiar fare.  For instance, a side of kimchi (sauerkraut’s Korean cousin) or a vegetarian-friendly daal will add a bit of excitement to menu planning.

Setting the Mood

Essential oils are having a moment and we see the potential to use these in creative ways for 2020. Our sense of smell is a powerful trigger for humans and strongly connected to emotions. Counterbalancing a stressful meeting with a lavender oil diffuser, or having a wellness station for aromatherapy (coupled with a relaxation lounge or yoga breakout) can have a positive effect on the health of your attendees.

Trends are always changing, but PRA’s consistent level of service has stayed the same for nearly 4 decades. Reach out today to partner with us in 2020!


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