Experience Your Next Destination Like A Local

There’s a big world out there where people want to live like a local and not just visit like a visitor.  And, now more than ever a destination-forward approach for meetings and events is creating more enticing offers to attendees. Oftentimes, the location itself can be a determining factor influencing meeting attendance based on how you market and highlight the destination.  So, you’ve narrowed down your top three meeting locations and it’s time to make a decision. What will it be? And how can you deliver an experience to your attendees that will allow them to do stuff they never do or have never done before?

Intimate destination knowledge comes with years of experience by event professional living and working in the destination. At PRA, our experienced destination-based teams build programs that embody the spirit of their city. With an expansive network of over 28 offices, including international partners and a strategic accounts team, we can truly deliver on our tagline of “Experience Anywhere”.

So what does that mean for you and your attendees? It means delivering a program that is unique, inspiring, and like nothing they’ve ever seen before. Partnering with a DMC means we leverage our  passion and local relationships and connections to build authentic experiences that go beyond the search engine. We bring you what the locals love about their cities – one program at a time.

Want your attendees to experience a destination like the locals do? Look through the lens of our destination pros and you’ll find something beyond a simple visit.

PRA Northern California’s Dual Destination Tour

Why limit attendees to one location? With a wide footprint encompassing varied destinations across Northern California such as Pebble Beach, Wine Country, and San Francisco, many attendees feel they may have to pick just one. With PRA Northern California, we open up more possibilities than imaginable with exclusive helicopter transportation, taking you and your guests on a Bay Area adventure. Spend the night in Pebble Beach soaking up the salty breezes, with a welcome reception along the coast and the next day touch down for a glass of Chardonnay in the rolling vineyards of Wine County. The mesmerizing views in both locations will take your breath away and leave guests wanting more. This is a PRA speciality – and we do it in style.

An Audio Tour Like Never Before with PRA Chicago

Chicago has jazz in its soul and PRA has a deep appreciation for this rich history that surrounds the Windy City. Partner with PRA Chicago to explore this era through a private tour in some of Chicago’s most memorable and musical landmarks. Get guests moving in rhythm and soul by booking a local expert musician to teach your attendees how to play the harmonica. This experience will showcase a different side of Chicago and give guests a deeper connection to the city.

Reenact TV History with PRA Dallas/Ft. Worth

The 1980’s were defined by big hair, big shoulder pads, big drama, and big glam. No show encompassed the zeitgeist of the era better than Dallas. Recreate the luxury of the Ewings by building a program at the Southfork Ranch with PRA Dallas/Fort Worth. Exclusive with PRA, we will create a night of unapologetic wealth and glamour for your attendees that you couldn’t get anywhere else in Texas! Go big or go home!

An Iconic American Brand in Atlanta

Are you thirsty for something exciting for your next program in Atlanta? Join PRA in an exclusive tour and program options at the World of Coca-Cola. An iconic American brand with a humble start, Coca-Cola has an international footprint and millions of worldwide fans. Work with PRA Atlanta on building a program that not only highlights Coke, but also injects surprise elements throughout your tour. Are you curious what apple, melon, and green tea sodas taste like? We’ve got a global palate just waiting to be discovered by you and your guests.

With a shifting attendee landscape and a focus on what makes something “authentic”, PRA sees a need for building programs that are immersive, experiential, and fun! Partner with any of our PRA offices today to learn how we can build a program that captures the essence of their destination and you can truly Experience Anywhere.

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