7 Ways to Go Green at Events

More and more, sustainability has shifted from a buzzword and cemented itself as an integral component of event planning. Whether it is through décor, food, or transportation, there is opportunity at every level to ensure that your event is as green as it can be.

At PRA, we operate thousands of events annually in over 28+ destinations. And while our operational footprint is large, we are committed to ensuring our carbon footprint remains small. We strive to be industry leaders on the importance of remaining green. In fact, our very own Courtney Lohmann of our South Florida office and Chair of the Events Industry Council Sustainability Committee recently provided some of her tips in Small Market Meetings Magazine. Inspired by her knowledge, we compiled more tips here.

Here’s how we keep green:

    1. We all know that there are some perennial favorites that clients ask for in terms of program themes. Cowboys in Texas, Old Hollywood in Los Angeles. Instead of always renting out the décor, many offices are opting to keep a stash of their tried-and-true décor on-hand for clients. In fact, our Nashville office boasts nearly 2,000 sq feet of warehouse space for this reason. Less material being exchanged in the marketplace helps to keep carbon emission down through less transportation and less manufacturing.
    2. Have florals from the award ceremony? A quick rearranging adds new perspective to the bouquet and you can get away with placing a few to even out the mimosa bar the next morning for breakfast.
    3. Food waste is an inevitable part of the meeting experience, but we can greatly reduce it through proactivity. Buffets are notorious for food waste, as are dessert tables. But if your guest would prefer either of these options for their convenience and price points, then partnering with a local food bank can mitigate some of that impact.
    4. Take it one step further and give guests the option to compost their organic waste. Use this as an opportunity to partner with local farms. Add a CSR element here. The possibilities are endless and give a new meaning to farm-to-table dining experience.
    5. Fill stations reduce plastic waste. Recently, Glastonbury, a large UK-based music festival, set up designated water filling stations. It was such a hit, it was considered one the largest green events held in the Kingdom to date.
    6. Source linens, décor, gifts, and even florals as local as possible. This helps to reduce carbon through transportation while also supporting the local economy (a bonus!).
    7. Group shuttles and even suggesting public transportation can provide guests with a more sustainable alternative than single-fare Uber rides.

We love to show off the natural beauty of our destinations. Let’s partner together to find new ways how.

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