Do Good and Give Back – PRA’s Tips for a Successful CSR

There are several reasons that companies give back throughout the year and it’s not just a tax incentive that motivates them. Organizations that engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts attract top talent. Why? It’s simple, an increasing number of employees want more than just salary and benefits when looking at corporate culture.

Adding charitable elements to your events is an easy way to pay it forward in the local community. Not only will it help engage your attendees, but it can also make a positive impression in the community you are visiting.

Looking for new ways to give back at your next meeting? We have some ideas on how to incorporate give-backs and CSR efforts into your events.

Environmental Give Back

If your company is committed to sustainability, these team building activities provide a hands-on approach bringing teams together to do good, in a green way.

  1. Filter Build – Help build water filters for families to access clean water in hard to reach areas. Your team can learn about the world water crisis while providing a direct hand in getting clean water to families around the globe.
  2. Reforestation – Spend time outside, dig in the dirt and leave a lasting
    impact on the environment. Consider a regenerative natural farming project by planting trees in local parks or around the city. Collaborate with the people in the area, learn about the local tree species and their impact and plant them together.
  3. Protect and Preserve – Beach cleanup, community cleanup or native habitat restoration events offer rewarding team building while preserving our beaches, parks and natural beauty we all enjoy and appreciate.

Community Give Back

Look around the community and you will always find CSR opportunities and ways to give back. Some may be right in your backyard!

  1. Cooking for a Cause – Gather your teams and prepare meals for those in needs. Groups bond while making foods to serve local area soup kitchens, kits for the homeless or food prep for elderly home meal delivery programs. Put a twist by adding in a scavenger hunt, sending teams out in the community to gather canned goods for donations.
  2. Tools for Schools – School supplies can be expensive, so lessen the burden for local families in need. Fill a backpack with vital school supplies, including notebooks, pencils, erasers and more. We’ve also helped teams with school improvement projects like painting, repairs, creating new student lounge spaces, or playground clean ups.
  3. Joy Jars – Engage your employees. Spread Joy. Help kids fighting cancer. The Mobile JoyFactory is a national and global corporate engagement opportunity for compassionate companies and employees. Teams gather to stuff Joy Jars, full of hospital-approved toys every child loves to play with.

Build in CSR to Your Overall Program

If your event agenda does not allow for a dedicated team building breakout, follow these simple ideas to seamlessly bring the practice of CSR into your program build.

  1. Add a charitable donation in your registration fee or donate to a charity on behalf of every person who attends the event.
  2. Only use local vendors and food sources to reduce your carbon footprint. Find ways to donate extra food to local shelters.
  3. Reduce food waste by using smaller plates.
  4. Go plastic free! Choose reusable water bottles or glass and say no to plastic cups, straws, stirrers, and plastic lanyard holders.
  5. Purchase reusable water bottles for every attendee that provide a donation component when guests use water filling stations.
  6. Use centerpieces that include live plants that can be donated after they are used.
  7. Power down all audio-visual equipment when not in use and ensure all batteries to power the elements are being recycled.
  8. Skip the room drop or corporate gift – instead donate to your favorite charity.

With these give back and CSR ideas, you’re well on your way to growing stronger group bonds, impacting the local community and reducing your carbon footprint. PRA provides several activities to help you and your team do good! Reach out to us to learn more.

What kinds of charitable efforts inspire you the most? Do you have other creative ideas on how to do good in the coming year? If you were the CEO of your company, what would you do to give back locally? Share your thoughts below!

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